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Monday, December 19, 2005

It's raining, it's pouring...

If there's one thing we Chennaites have had a lot of this year, it's rain. Mother Nature seems possessed of a conviction to right the wrongs done to the previously parched metropolis in bygone years, and has opened up her bounty to fall upon the bad roads beneath. Resultantly, half of Chennai is flooded, the State Govt. seems nonplussed, and all the students of Chennai's multitudinous schools and colleges are having a field day at home.

Well, not all. I don't know how many crackpots like me exist, but surely there must be more than one person who would rather go to college and endure lecture than sit at home in a not so idyll lassitude. So, this post is for social animals like me, for it addresses the $64,000 question: What do you do on a rainy holiday?

I put my thinking cap on, and embarked on a quest for ideas. And I got quite a few:

1. Organise your CD collection: If you're a college student whose varied compact discs, digital video discs, and tapes are all in perfect order, there's something wrong with you. Consult a sociologist, you may get some idea as to what you should be doing. For everyone else, here's a beautiful chance to get an old shoe-box, sit in front of the PC all day, and work out which CD's should be trashed and which should be kept.

2. Read a textbook you liked: Now, then, don't look at me like that. Textbooks are really good books if you don't have to study them. Check out an old textbook that you liked reading, and go through it. It'll be interesting, useful and you can impress your friends with some technical terms in the coming days. (Warning: This author is not responsible for any ostracisation that follows as a result of this advice)

3. Call that special someone: Definitely there's someone whom you've planning to call for a long time, but have kept putting it off due to the pressure of events. Pick up the phone, give them a ring, and your day may be made.

4. Wash your bike/scooter/moped/car: This is for people like me, so you can safely ignore this piece of advice.

5. Explore your creative side: Have you ever tried writing a diary? Or a blog? Planning to start reading more? Planning to learn the keyboard, or to sing? What better day to start? Of course, you must be thick-skinned to initial feedback (i.e. your stressed out Std X sibling shouting "Get the hell out of here");-)

6. Manage finances: Start a graph of the money in your purse. You'll find that it always goes one way (down). But you can fight against entropy, you know. Get out the Classifieds coumn and see if there is something you can do. The world is FLAT enough. Ref. earlier post.

7. Prolific Messaging Service (applies to email to): This is a god-sent opportunity to forward messages to everyone you've seen at least once (if you've got free messaging). Keep sending forwards, they're a really nice way to communicate. Send all those useless fwds that you've been saving up. If you want something funny to send, this site has a funny quote of the day section. For hardcore computer techies: I just found this one

"Unix is an operating system, OS/2 is half an operating system, Windows is a shell and MS-DOS is a boot partition virus"

So, get a move on. With so much to do, it's criminal to be just lying there!!!


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Anonymous Prashanth said...

Operating Systems is like sex. You sin by having more than 1 installed at the *same* time

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