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Monday, December 19, 2005

The World is Flat Enough.....

A very interesting article I read today was on a blog I stumbled on by mistake, with the title This WILL change everything. The author posits that places like Bangalore and Chennai, are "peaks" in the global infoscape, and the work produced by these centres, especially in the fields of BPO and ITES, will have the effect of "flattening" the world.

It's a nice thing to hear (for the average AU student, who will no doubt be contributing to the flattening process). Especially after just completing One Night @ the Call Center (which deserves a post in its own right). Vroom's words (in the book) still echo in my mind "America has, like, ten smart people. The rest call us at night."

It's true that legions of Indian call-center and ITES employees are doing Westren World (read American) grunge work. But the grunge work is important, because, believe it or not, it's the grunge work that provides real experience. In five decades, American students may no longer learn the "Hello!World" program. If this scenario were presented to Isaac Asimov or Stephen King, what a novel they would make out of it.

To the real enterpreneurs about to enter the ITES field, its opportunity knock-knock time. Pay attention to what you're doing, bcos' those are the needs you'll have to fill to succeed in coming years. Also don't miss a single opportunity to dream, and use your ingenuity. It'll flatten the world.


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