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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Sophomore no more

One month into junior year…..and I’m wondering where the hell all the free time I had last year went. Junior year represents a sort of transition…the experience of old combined with new knowledge…but here again I start philosophizing as is my wont.

Here are the highlights of junior year so far:

· Responsibilities: Loads of that on my shoulders right now, being the Rep, being Secretary of GT [Guindy Times, yes, it exists!!], and Camp Sec. in the Unit. Whew! Long year ahead.

· Relationships: A broader perspective on relationships is developing, and I’ve to learn a lot of tolerance and patience this year. Also there are now two junior sets…how time flies

· Reminders on placements: Got loads of advice from seniors, and this year is at least filled with some purpose J

· Fun: There’s been lots of it.

· Boredom: There’s been some of that too.


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