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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Only in India

Senthil commented today that I hadn't blogged in a long time, and I am one who likes to rectify errors (and create them too). So here's this entry, dedicated to Senthil

A few months back I attended a Group Discussion session at the SQC (they're not doing them anymore, I wonder why :-)), and the topic of that GD was "Only in India". We were supposed to bring out the unique aspects of India in that GD, and I think I commented on the fact that India was the only place you could find life's paradoxes magnified in true colour on the big screen of Society. Well, two news items that have caught my attention recently seem to, in my opinion, reinforce this point.

The Hindu of two months back carried an article on "Changes in CBSE admission procedures", or something like that. The gist of it was that our erstwhile Minister for Eduction, had decreed that all girl children studying in CBSE schools throughout the nation will recieve free secondary education. The purpose of this ostensibly, is to reduce female infanticide, by removing the education fees' motif from parents minds as factor while considering whether they should raise their girl child or abort it. (Yeah, I know that's crude, but I'm making points here)

While only the dim-witted can follow this tenuous argument to its logical conclusion, it is only the faintly moronic who will fail to perceive that this move, far from achieveing that aim, achieves justthe opposite. Consider: it's the private schools that shall suffer, bcos the government school fees are practically free anyway.) With staggering costs, private CBSE schools have to meet a bottom line, and so they will just stop admitting girl students. Voila!

The Hindu, two days ago, carried another article. Chennai-based Indira Srinavasan was awarded by the Internal Revenue Dept., USA, for uncovering a serious bug in the IRS database program that allowed peopel to accumulate interest on tax refunds. She was lauded by the IRS, and by the time they found out her contribution, she had returned to Chennai, and is now settled here for life...

Only in India......


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