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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Bajjis on the Beach

Although I, like most other Chennaites, am aware that Chennai is home to the second largest beach in the world, it's the less well known Elliots beach that I visit more frequently: in fact so often, that it' s almost like second home.

Invariably all my visits to the beach culminate in the Bajji Kadai; and although there are tons of them in the beach, my personal favourite is the one closest to the Merry-Go-Round.

Molaga bajjis are definitely the raison d'etre of this stall. It makes some of the crunciest molaga bajjis i have eaten. A word of advice, though, eating molaga bajjis is a lottery: the one we got last time contained so much spice, we had to down ice creams to really quench the stomach.

Potato bajjis are a favourite of mine ( as evidenced by my burgeoning pot-belly, whose growth rate is commensurate to that of a MNC BPO in India). But potato bajjis on the beach don't tend to be lip-smacking; they become sort of flat...definitely an area for improvement.

Next to the Molaga, it is the Onion bajjis that you must try. But they retain too much heat, and so its quite diffcult to get the real taste without scalding your mouth.

A word of caution: down with moderation -- or unfortunate side effects result the morning after :-)


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