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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Mumbai Express

I know this a rather late review of the movie, but Anna University examination schedules are hardly sympathetic to new film releases. But better late than never, and as of this instant I have watched both the blockbusters of the summer of '05.

First of all, the movie. For the nomenclature, there's very little of the real Mumbai in the film (except perhaps, the Dharavi garbage dump). And yet this license is not something we should be nitpicking on, because the film is wholehearted comedy, something on the lines of Panchathanthiram (although no way near that opus).

Many people would have trouble believing this to be a movie. There are no song/dance sequences, no young damselles, no action/fight sequences, and even the few chase scenes are interpersed with a modicum of comedy.

Basically, the plot is this. Avinashi, a daredevil motorcyclist, is also the brother-in-law of a habitual drunkard, who is part of a gang planning to kidnap an industrialist's son for ransom. A malevolent appendicitis leaves this drunkard helpless till he suggests the hapless machan to take his place.

Here's where the fun really starts, because, of course, the wrong boy is kidnapped, and the crooks cart away the Assistant Comissioner's son. But it's ok, because the son is actually illegitimate, and the last thing the AC wants is (ironicaly) police and publicity.

I believe the story would have done very well as a book...its almost like Wodehouse's romantic comedies of errors, but its not really for the visual medium. Manisha Koirala is extremely underused, and her character isn't deep enough. Kovai Sarala is totally unnecessary in the film. Pasupathi(Chidambaram or A), Ramesh Arvind(the LIC guy), and Nasser (Assistant Comm. S V Roy) excel. And the comedy of errors at the end of the film almost makes up for the mess made in the middle.

On the whole, worth watching once abt sums it up.


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Machan, here I am finally !!! Awesome page. So dignified. Godd take off I must say. But I am waiting for an entry.......... ;-)

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