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Monday, March 14, 2005

Abacus 2k5 kicked off!!!

I don't know how the other college delegates or the organisers felt, but to me the first day of Abacus 2k5 was a letdown. There was a complete lack of dynamism in the proceedings, and the fact that all the people who had come could fit entirely in the front half of the Audi hardly seems commendable for CEG's top tech symposium. Given the time investment and the magnitude of sponsorship, something better could surely have been done.

Maybe I'm judging prematurely, though, because I didn't attend the afternoon session: which included Impromptu and the Treasure Hunt. Now these would have been interesting, and the whole class could have been appreciative witness, were it not for a mule-headed PQT professor who insisted on taking class from 1 to 3. Poor Gopi, he had gone earlier to try and cancel the class but got his head chewed off!!

After an hour of Markov chains that all of a sudden, upon the satisfaction of inexplicable criteria, became Ergodic, we couldn't really stand any additional boredom being heaped on. We decided to give Abacus the miss-in-baulk, and went back to Vels room for the matinee (Matrix Reloaded).

And it had hardly reloaded when we got a summons from Balaji, and proceeded to the Alumni Centre to polish off what was left of the Gobi Manchurian (which was pretty good). But on the whole, an extremely boring jour.

PS: I got a 14 on the PQT second assess, which reaffirms my faith in miracles and has transformed me from a skeptic to a spiritualist:-)


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