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Monday, September 27, 2004

Some crumbs of knowledge.....

In spite of feeling that way, I went along with the Loudspeaker, the SMS Man, the Movie Maverick, the Ninja, and UH today evening to Pizza Corner.

The reason being: Pizza Corner had this special offer – Unlimited for 99 bucks: too good to resist. And what was hurriedly dumped into my stomach at 11 30 in the morning was a long way into the digestive process.

We went in, and were ushered into the mezzanine (which really sucks, because there’s zero ventilation) and we ordered six of the Garden Fresh variety. The pizzas came soon and we started digging into them.

One of the funniest sights in the world is watching six college guys hog pizzas trying to take advantage of an offer. Especially the Movie Maverick and the Loudspeaker, who set about the task like their lives depended on it. The waiter was sore perplexed, by their speed and ravenousness, and he struggled to keep pace with six ursine appetites.

The Movie Maverick and the Loudspeaker tried to put one over the pizza joint. Reasoning that the crumb was the most unpalatable part on the plate, they started leaving the crumbs out while consuming the slices. Especially the Loudspeaker, who, by the time, had finished his eighth contiguous slice, and whose crumb pile was beginning to acquire the dimensions of the LIC building.

A bemused waiter, while dropping the next slice, told them with a grave face: “You have to eat the crumbs too, sir. It’s part of the offer!!”

Whether he was serious or joking, no one will ever determine. But the Movie Maverick came up with an apt rejoinder: “The thing is, I’m allergic to crumbs.”


The waiter had no reply for that one.

It was almost 6 in the evening when we decided to abort our plan of bankrupting Pizza Corner, and went tottering home.

And now, I can barely walk!!


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