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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Quo Vadis?

One of the biggest problems hip and hop teenagers face in this self-proclaimed cosmopolis is the problem of where to go out?

The average Friday: two hours in the morning spent sleeping with eyes wide open (b'cos of course, who sleeps on Thursday nights?) and two hours whre you're a bit more awake, but trying to figure out what to do with the weekend?

And you sit along with a bunch of 10 similarly jobless people, who would, of course, like to celebrate their weekend, it being the only respite you get from listening to profs drone, and drone, and drone....

Till one of them makes a suggestion: definitely a movie da.

Well....not so good. Actually, by peer pressure law, everybody is supposed at this point to hop, cheer and say "Let's go!!!!!". But Sathyam theatre has been crashed so many times, its beginning to resemble a classroom.

Or: Coffee Day? Pizza Corner?

Same difference.

I'm crying out loud for some place to go with frens where you can have some fun without watching heroines run round trees, without having to worry about a thinning wallet, or without having to eat or drink anything.

So, apart from the beach, anybody have any good ideas???


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