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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Primus inter primates.....

...et primus de lineum. Encrypta

In retrospect, like one of my greatest malefactors opined,
mirth, uncontrollable mirth, springs unbidden to the mind on
donating some contemplation to the events of the last semester.
Opinions vary, and the verity of this statement is seldom
not known unless one occupies the position I did.

Everyone needs to know. It is one of the greatest diseases
which will be witnessed in the coming decade. It does not matter
if the information, so obtained, will be acted upon; in fact,
to the contrary, it will be most assiduously ignored until a
hare-splitting deadline forces its way upon the collective
thought process. But the need to know eclipses all other desires;
harmony cruelly disrupted if knowledge is suppressed.

Egregious individuals stood ready, armed with a battle-plan
jerking their beloved primus left and right, leading an
ostensible rebellion - their purpose quite obscure to yours truly,
befitting the higher calculus that beseeches us to step aside.

Angels, were there too, to offer sympathy and condolences.
Shattering prior misconceptions, unlikely friendships and alliances
swelling like the Solway, and ebbing like its tide (Lochinvar)
Hapless, shrewd, manipulative, didactic, perspicacious, perspicuous,
outragious, invidious and confused individuals completed the
lovely kaleidoscope of personalities I witnessed.

Essay is this, inspired by Frater Fransisco Columna, whose
style in the Hypnerotomachia is followed for the message hidden